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In this video Sprenger bitting expert Lyndsay explains how to correctly fit a bit to a horse's mouth.

4 horses in this lesson, 1 particular one is very sensitive to all rain elements. Spooked and his rider fell off upon thunder in a distance.

Owner Sally Sloan brought her horse Pride to Ohio State at the recommendation of her regular veterinarian.

Entertainment Feature on Bella Da Costa who is a thirteen year old trick rider from Alberta, Canada. She has been trick riding for 9 years, and her favourite trick to perform is the side drag.

"It's elegant and dangerous all at the same time." These talented women from Edgerton, Alta., aren't horsing around when it comes to trick riding.

Megson Farms in Benton, Kentucky has the largest herd of white thoroughbreds in the world.

(c) 2009 - this is a video all about making a bran mash for your horse. With your host Alita (Bunny) Hendricks.