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Bride arrives on White horse to her Wedding in field of buttercups. Setting is the Concord & Victory Temple at Stowe Gardens Buckingham National Trust in UK.

Gustavo accepts clients from all of Southern California including: Sunland, Sun Valley, Lake View Terrace, Moorpark, Simi Valley, Malibu, Agua Dulce, and San Diego County.

Video i made i found beautiful picture of paint horses there are pictures of my beautiful horse in here too

A fictional breed Darnacon mare, blood bay silver dapple roan with white and black markings. Go to the link below for the full size picture and additional information:

2017 All American Quarter Horse Congress Open Champion Freestyle Reining Score: 230!!! Riding to Indian Outlaw: Tim McGraw
Angie Reichert & Surely Cashin Chex

This former race horse ("Skip to the Good Part") was rescued last year and brought to live on a farm across the tree line from where Madelyn goes to school. She visited him almost every day.