Doing All the Wrong Things When Giving a Horse a Bath- STOP Listening to Idiots- Listen to the Horse

4 years ago
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Stop listening to Barn People, BW's and Life Long Horse owners or trainers that want to keep you dumb so they can charge you to screw up your horse.

Horsemanship is Not easy, but it is simple. It just takes time, effort and understanding. You will never get that from people that like to the One Eyed person in the land of the blind. Read study and listen to your horse. - Real Natural Horsemanship

Youtube Video by Think Like A Horse

This is me giving my boys a spray down after I abused them with some sacking out on this video:

So after that video, they got washed down, cooled off and let out to pasture. I talk about some of the crazy wrong things you hear from life long horse owners, barn managers, show people and others that don't have a clue about horsemanship, but since they know there are lots of new horse owners they get to be the smartest since they have had a horse longer than most. That is why there are so many new horse owners, the same idiots give the same advice and people keep getting hurt and then they sell their horse to another new horse person and the cycle continues.

Break the cycle, learn about horses from the horse, read my web site and work with your horse - they will teach you if you stop listening to the Barn Witches, Barn Mangers and Life long horse owners.

Buddy & Mr. T you are good boys.

Here is a nice picture of Horse and Human parts:

Tying a Horse the WRONG Way:

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