Driving a single (strong-willed pony).

4 years ago
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Foggy, a 5yo dapple grey gelding, had been broken to ride prior to coming to us. This pony had learnt to throw his rider off before coming home, and was not good in traffic, so he was sent to us to be broken to drive by his new owners.

When this pony was sent to us, we were concerned that he was not suitable for his owners as he was very strong-willed, independent-minded and needed to be "driven" rather than "sat behind". Even if his owners were experienced drivers, he would still need to be handled and driven correctly so that he was not allowed to slip back into his old habits. If he detected a weakness or inconsistency in the driver's commands (for example, asking him to stand still and then not actually making him stand, or asking for a trot and then allowing him to remain at the walk), he would start to act as he saw fit instead of listening to the driver's instructions.

We discuss why we believe the whip should be able to be used anywhere on the horse's body including on his quarters, and what happens when you catch the whip in a hedge as you are driving!

Barry also talks about buying horses that are advertised as being broken by us; horses for sale that we have broken might have been away from our yard for a long period, so to ensure they are still up to the standard they were when they left us, we recommend that people get in touch with us prior to purchase. This is also a good idea to ensure that they know whether the horse/pony was actually broken by us!

We also show Foggy being driven by Sarah, who is on work experience with us, to show how he behaves with a novice female driver on the reins.

We show him leaving the yard calmly at the walk, encountering traffic on wet roads and driving through puddles.

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