Embellishing a jacket for horse showing

4 years ago
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JUST LETTING EVERYONE WHO IS ASKING. THE SEQUINE APPLIQUES BEING USED IN THIS VIDEO ARE SIMPLY A HUGE PIECE OF FABRIC THAT HAS EMBROIDERED AND SEQUIN DECORATION ON IT. I SIMPLY CUT AROUND THE PIECES I WANTED TO USE AS APPLIQUE AND THEN APPLIED THEM. FABRIC LIKE THIS CAN BE PURCHASED AT ANY SARI SHOP. A SIMPLE SEARCH FOR SARI FABRIC WILL LEAD YOU TO HUNDREDS OF PLACED TO PURCHASE ONLINE. How to embellish a western horse show jacket. A western horse show jacket can be a very do-able project for the person who has some sewing ability. I am giving you a glimpse into how I go about doing a one of kind jacket. This jacket base is a Hobby Horse Janie jacket, affordable and well made and a good place to start for the first time embellisher. I am using a glitzy fabric that is super sparkly that I have cut it into a few different appliques that I then place, pin and zigzag stitch.
Part 2 will explore a bit of the ultrasuede applique that will be the next layer.
Part 3 deals with fringe and shimmer sheet decoration
Paart 4 is the finale that delves into the world of crystals etc. and shows the finished jacket.

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