A Horse for Christmas

3 years ago
Team Xplore's picture

This former race horse ("Skip to the Good Part") was rescued last year and brought to live on a farm across the tree line from where Madelyn goes to school. She visited him almost every day. Over the past year, Madelyn, a horse-lover since she was two and accomplished rider for the past eight years, has helped his owner bring him back to health and, in the process, gained his trust to the point where she can now ride and gallop him bareback through the field. The owner was amazed at the bond they had created and offered to sell him to Madelyn and keep him on her land where she could easily visit, ride, and care for him. We told her she would have to save her pennies and buy him with her own money sometime next year. But we saw the bond for first-hand and couldn't help ourselves. So on Christmas Eve, this deserving girl got her wish.

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