Marina demonstrates a few different ways to get your horse's correct bit measurement. For more information and other in-depth how to's please visit us at


Measure your horse for the correct blanket size by following these easy guidelines:

• Stand your horse square.
• Place your measuring tape at the center of the chest.
• Lay the tape across the widest part of the shoulder and hip, at an angle towards the tail.
• End your measurement where the tail hair begins.
• This measurement in inches is your blanket size. If your horse measures in between sizes, round up to the next size. (example: 79" = Size 80 horse blanket)

Measuring your horse correctly will help avoid rubbing and shifting, plus the inconvenience of bulky shipping and returns.

Well fitted blankets make happy horses!

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The long awaited and requested DIY Paracord Reins! Hope this video will help those of you wanting to make a pair of your own fun, colorful, snazzy reins!

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Youtube video by Morgan Horse.  Think like a horse:

Why is a Tom Thumb bit the worst bit around and is NOT a snaffle
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It's important to fit a dressage saddle properly on a horse because it has a direct effect on the progress of a rider's training. Discover why a saddle needs to be fit gently on a dressage horse with helpful advice in this video on horse training and dressage.  Youtube video by Equestrian Life


Equitopia presents Master Saddle Fitter Jochen Schleese, CMS, CSFT, CSE discussing how to property fit both western and english saddles. Poor saddle fit can cause pain, sheer cartilage from the shoulder blade, cause spinal subluxation and unwanted behaviors. Pressure on involuntary reflex points, such as the side of the withers and behind the saddle support area can cause the horse to stop moving forward and even buck.  Youtube video by Padmavideo