Our annual Halloween Horse Show! Complete with competition, ribbons, musical stalls, mummy race, Apple bobbing, pumpkin carving, food, music, candy, and of course fabulous spooky horsey costumes


21 Awesome Halloween costumes for horses and horse lovers.
Everybody wants to show something new to his family and friends. I compile this video for those who love horses and want them ready with awesome halloween costumes on halloween holiday. Please be sure to subscribe our channel for more fun. New videos every Friday.;

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Pferd "Joker" stand der Schlam(m)assel bis zum Hals. Er versank in einer Matschgrube und wieherte laut nach Hilfe. Nach über einer Stunde gelang es Reiterin, Tierarzt und Feuerwehr "Joker" aus dem Sumpf in Hamburg Hummelsbüttel zu ziehen. Nach einer Infusion durch den Tierarzt konnte das völlig erschöpfte Pferd schließlich wieder aufstehen.


This poor horse found himself alone in one of the most terrifying places; on the edge of the Colombian jungle. Somehow, he fell into a ditch made from water and ground stones. Luckily, people came around to help the poor horse get out of the water.

The police were called to the rural town of Dagua in the Valle del Cauca region after people called them to rescue the poor horse who was stuck in the dangerous waters. The police attached ropes to pull the horse out of the murky pitch. But the rescue couldn’t have happen until a brave boy jumped into the water and started to push the horse from behind and continued the rescue process successfully.

Thanks to the efforts of such good hearted people, these two poor souls survived. Share with your friends and family!


After ordering a special sling, gathering experts and finding a helicopter and pilot, it's time for Lucky to be moved into a safer area for recovery.

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How are horses chosen to work with the police? With entry requirements more rigorous than the U.S. Navy Seals, only 10% of the horses brought in to the San Francisco mounted police unit will make it through basic training. It takes a very special horse to beats those odds.

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